Finding resources-

Finding resources

Whether you are looking for a member of the supervisory or executive board, a manager or specialised commercial, technical or medical personnel, our mission is to deliver a dependable concept that will ensure the performance of the future personnel within your company. And applicants who live up to the promises of this concept.

Development of search strategies
Working closely together with you – sometimes in a briefing workshop – we compile the job profile, assess the corporate culture and analyse the corresponding human resource market. This determines the goal-driven recruitment strategy and suitable recruitment methods.

Media search and planning
Whether we choose on-line, national and local press, or specialist journals, we exploit the optimal mix of media for your vacancy, on both a national and international level. We take care of everything from A to Z, from the compilation of attractive copy to providing you with all necessary data.

Direct search
We exploit all channels – both on and off-line – to investigate and communicate directly with interested candidates, making the most of Web 2.0 social networks.

File search

Besides the 80,000 candidates in Dr. Mayr et Partners′ database, we also use external databases for purposes of active sourcing. This enables us to put forward extremely motivated candidates for highly specialised positions.

Candidate selection
Our well-structured methodology enables us to gather all applications on your behalf, invite interesting applicants to an interview, document the results and present you with suitable candidates, together with a detailed information file.

Alternative service: Recruitment administration
In the event that your company does not want to divulge the fact that you are recruiting, yet still want to be in charge of selecting candidates and organising interviews, we take care of compiling and recording all applications that we receive.